EMMETT Technique Instructors

The EMMETT Technique is now in over 26 countries and counting.  As Ross can’t be everywhere around the world to share his technique with all who want to learn it, he has selected a few instructors to share the workload in the UK and Ireland:

Sue Gassick - Senior Instructor

Originally trained by Ross in 2007 in the UK, she has been instructing the Practitioner course since 2010. Her background includes 16 years in retail management, an MBA, kinesiology, massage and NST Bowen therapy.  

Instructs EMM-Tech, Modules 1-6, Client Clinic Day, EMM-Tech Tutor training, EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4 & EP5 and is a Director of ETUK. 






Lesley Salt - Senior Instructor

Also, originally trained by Ross in 2007 in the UK. She has been instucting since 2011. Her background includes a BSc in Biochemistry, 10 years in food marketing and advertising, Bowen & NST Bowen therapy. She is also a Body Control Pilates Instructor.  

Instructs EMM-Tech, Modules 1-6, Client Clinic Day, EMM-Tech Tutor training, EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4 & EP5 and is a Director of ETUK.






Penny Gibbings - Instructor

Penny was invited by Ross Emmett to become an instructor in November 2011. She has an extensive background in teaching Science and managing provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs in an inner city comprehensive school. She has been working as a combined therapist since 2000 and is also qualified in Bowen and reflexology.

Instructs EMM-Tech, Modules 1-6 and Client Clinic Day.





Judith Johnson - Instructor

Judith is the latest addition to the 2015 instructor team, and was orginially trained by Ross in 2007.  Her background is as an Occupational Therapist in Health and Social Services and also as a lecturer in Higher Education.  

Instructs EMM-Tech and Modules 1 - 6.




Claire Stone - Instructor

Claire is the latest addition to the 2017 instructor team. She has been a Complementary Practitioner since 2009 and began her EMMETT journey in 2011.  Her background includes 17 years working as a Garment Designer, Massage and Holistic Therapies trainer, NYR Organic Leader & Independent Consultant. 

Instructs EMM-Tech and Modules 1-6 




Wendy Hamilton - Trainee Instructor

Wendy joined the instructor team in 2017.  She became an Emmett practitioner in 2012 and an EMM Tech tutor in 2014. 
She was trained by Ross for her advanced training  (EP1-6). Her background includes 14+ years as a Pilates instructor,  Personal Trainer and fitness instructor. Prior to this she was in corporate life as an international VAT senior consulrant .
Instructs EMM-Tech and Modules 1-6. 


Triona Stafford - Trainee Instructor

Triona's back ground is in Nursing, specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and working as a post graduate lecturer in this area. She continues to teach in Health Care and Child Care. She is a trained Scenar Therapist (2010) and since 2013 after training in EMMETT with Hilary Campbell-Martin she combines her approaches in treatment.

Instructs EMM-Tech.



Alice O'Brien - TBT Instructor

Alice trained in Bowen in 1997. She had used it extensively since then, learning other therapies but always using Bowen Technique as a foundation. In 2011 she added Emmett Technique to her bow and realised how well both techniques work together. 

Instructs EMM-Tech and TBT Parts 1&2.